Strength by unification
Humanity bound by love!

Today we have hundreds of religions. All religions have one common element which bonds them together. They all believe in God. Each religion may have a different name for God but all religions unite as one in acknowledging that God has special powers unmatched by any other.

This website explores a possibility which can enhance this one common criteria into better understanding between different religions.

Unification strengthens and division weakens.  We need to learn what is good in all religions and maybe point out what might not be so good.

This will help the reader who may be following a religion but find other religions of interest and like to learn about these religions. There also could be a reader who has not quite decided which religion to follow; this website will help to make informed decision. The best page comparing twenty religions of the world be the best place to start. This page is called “Faiths”.

The main body of this website is based on monotheism part of the reason is that the web master is a monotheist and the other reason is that the majority of the religions today are monotheistic religions.

The approach taken here is to use the scripture as the main source of text. All three well known scriptures are consulted from time to time. However, the main focus is on the Final Testament for two reasons one; this is the latest addition to the scriptures which means it confirms previous scriptures and includes latest information which is not found in the previous scriptures. The second reason for taking this option is that the Final Testament is the only Testament today which has been confirmed to be original word of God based on its elaborate numerical structure.

However, this website is open to suggestions and comments to enhance its structure and give opportunity to all religions and communities to be part of this website without prejudice everyone will be treated equally.