What is Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety is when people feel uncomfortable in Social Situations and at extreme isolate themselves from public...

The website gives practical guide to three main issues, healing the soul (most of the website), healing the environment (climate change) and in this particular section healing the mind (western and eastern psychology).

Nature does not put burden on us beyond what we can endure; it is we who intentionally or unintentionally burden ourselves with problems. One of the components of this scenario is the modern busy life, which could put strain on us. Stress and anxiety might then proceed. This can manifest into Social Anxiety where we feel nervousness in social situations. Not to worry, there are treatments for it; both home and expertly guided ones.

Following is a wonderful website, which include lot of free help. This website is run by Sebastian, and he is kind enough first to be addressed by his first name and then providing this wonderful service for all mankind. Sebastian has some wonderful videos to share with you all and a free book which could help relieve Social Anxiety.

Sebastian promotes Western Traditional Psychology and Eastern Energy Psychology. The eastern Energy Psychology has a major component which is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. In very simple terms this technique can release stress by just tapping at particular meridian points (network of energy channels) of the body. This technique can be applied with or without a coach. So this for most could work as self-help.

So please visit this website and so to speak reap the rewards;