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The essence of this website is global unification of all religious and non-religious factions. We are all God’s children it does not justify God by only admitting one religion into His congregation. Those who are non-religious yet they live a good clean life and do good on earth,  will have their reward in the Hereafter. Islam (Submission) acknowledges all messengers and His system do not change. This means that one does not necessarily have to follow the 5 pillars of Islam.   We can follow one of the earlier prophets like Noah who only advocated worship of God. God in essence is awareness of some supreme power who can do what we humans cannot do. Majority in this world today are the people who may not name this power to be God but they are aware of it. Quran is clear that the intentions are more important than words. Therefore according to the Quran these people are also believers. However, Noah only believed in God, because Jesus and Muhammad was not even born at that time therefore it follows calling Jesus or Muhammad beside God is not what Noah did and hence not what a true believer should do. This fact alone unite many religions into one, anyone; Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist in fact any religious person from any religion anywhere in the world who follow Noah within this percept is a believer.

Peace without conflict
Unity in diversity.

Today we have hundreds of religions. All religions have one common element which bonds them together. They all believe in God. Each religion may have a different name for God but all religions unite as one in acknowledging that God has special powers unmatched by any other.

This website explores a possibility which can enhance this one common criteria into better understanding between different religions.

Unification strengthens and division weakens.  We need to learn what is good in all religions and maybe point out what might not be so good.

This will help the reader who may be following a religion but find other religions of interest and like to learn about these religions. There also could be a reader who has not quite decided which religion to follow; this website will help to make informed decision. The best page comparing twenty religions of the world be the best place to start. This page is called “Faiths”.

The main body of this website is based on monotheism part of the reason is that the web master is a monotheist and the other reason is that the majority of the religions today are monotheistic religions.

The approach taken here is to use the scripture as the main source of text. All three well known scriptures are consulted from time to time. However, the main focus is on the Final Testament for two reasons one; this is the latest addition to the scriptures which means it confirms previous scriptures and includes latest information which is not found in the previous scriptures. The second reason for taking this option is that the Final Testament is the only Testament today which has been confirmed to be original word of God based on its elaborate numerical structure.

However, this website is open to suggestions and comments to enhance its structure and give opportunity to all religions and communities to be part of this website without prejudice everyone will be treated equally. 


World reflection in a bulb
A man is what he knows.

On this page many varied and interesting topics are discussed. The overall ambiance of this page is that there is no overriding common theme among all articles. This makes an exciting prospect for the viewer to go to this page and investigate the possibilities which it might present to the viewer and be interest to the viewer.

One thing can be assured that all articles on this page are unique and never ever been spoken or written about which makes an interesting and informative read. This also is a trademark of this website. This website promise unique and refreshing articles never seen before…




Action against Climate Change
Nobody escapes the effect of Climate Change

This page takes a unique view of action against climate change through religious means. And it urges all of us regardless of faith, creed race or any other boundaries which may separate us to unite and do whatever we can as an individual or as a group to take action against climate change. This indeed is the ethos of this website “World as One”…


Social Anxiety
“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”

The modern life brings with it plethora luxuries and comforts but as the quote suggest “every coin has a flip side”. This in turn can be a cause of insecurity and stress. Today this has become a substantial problem.

This page very briefly introduces this issue through the eyes of religion and gives hope to those who suffer from this problem by providing help through expertise and self-help.

“World as One” premise include all groups in the society from the despondent to well off and the inclusion of this group…


Adam & Eve Story plus
Story from Heaven to earth!!!!

According to all three monotheist scriptures it is a recognised fact that the creation of the Heavens and the Earth was done by God.

However science does not recognise this fact! But there is a flaw in there assumption! Science’s fundamental law about how things happens states that every action which takes place there always is a force behind it,

A very simple example of this would be that any writing on a paper (action) would only have taken place if someone wrote it (force applied) .

However, science is stumped when it comes to the creation of the Heavens and the Earth. They are not able to explain how this could happen.

Thus this brings in the importance of religion. Many things which are not explicable through science and common sense can be explained through religion and Genesis is one example…


Miracles happen to those who believe in them.

Here we bring in science to prove the existence of God. Back in 16th Century Galileo Galilee famously quoted “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the Universe”. Today we might not be able to prove this but we have gained a step forward in associating God’s involvement in this creation process scientifically.

We have a scripture with full mathematical structure. Prime number 19 is the major component of this structure. No time in recorded history this phenomenon has been observed. This makes this an extraordinary event to be celebrated in the name of religion.

Indeed this scripture is the Quran (The Final Testament). Not only 19 form the structure of the Quran, but it entails to reveal hidden information from the Quran which would not have been accessible otherwise. This makes 19 a useful tool…

Salat prayers

5 Daily Prayers
God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.

Islam is an Arabic word meaning “Submission”, anyone who submits to God no matter from any religion is a Muslim (Submitter). He or she has a place in Heaven and a happy and contented life on Earth.

However, there might be those who are more reverent than most of God may like to include practices of Islam. This is not necessary for being Muslim; it is an individual’s choice. Those who indulge in Muslim practices are called “Practicing Muslims” and those who do not are called “Non-practicing Muslims. Both have place in Heaven former in High Heaven later in Lower Heaven. However, even lower Heaven cannot be taken lightly it is described as magnificent place.

Practicing Islam is not everyone’s cup of tea; it involves lot of commitment and effort. Not recommended for the faint hearted…


4 Other rites of Islam
When God ordains, He sustains.

Continuing in the same theme of practices of Islam we come to the remaining 4 practices of Islam. These are Proclamation of Islam, Zakat (The Obligatory Charity), Fasting in the month of Ramadan, Hajj or Pilgrim to Mecca and surrounding towns. 

Proclamation of Islam; is the very basic but fundamental part of Islam. This is when a newbie to Islam will accept his/her obedience to God alone. Unfortunately today because of the corruption in Islam the traditional Muslims have included the name of their idol in it which is “Muhammad”. This makes the proclamation to be incorrect and blasphemous to God.  

Zakat; Muslims are encouraged to give charity each time they are paid wages. This system works well it maintains healthy wealth system in the community. There is a priority distribution system in place which looks like this; Parents, relatives, orphans, traveling aliens, and poor; from high to low priority.

Fasting; every lunar month of Ramadan Muslims who accept to do the practices of Islam are told to fast for the whole month. Ramadan was the month when Muhammad received the Quran on the 27th of this month when his soul ascended to high heaven to receive the Quran in his memory.  However, it took Muhammad 23 years to gradually put all this on paper. The angel Gabriel helped him to remember the Quran from his memory and put it down on paper. It was not only words of the Quran which were revealed to prophet to put down on the paper, almost all words and phrases also represented the events in Prophet Muhammad’s life happening at that time. This is quite amazing and a proof of the fact that God is Omniscient!

Hajj; this is once in a life time journey for all Muslims who have accepted to perform all practices of Islam to do Hajj if they are able to afford it. According to Quran Hajj can be done in four sacred months of Islam. However, Saudi’s do it in few days in one particular sacred month. Today it is a norm that 100’s of people are crushed each year because of the limited time allocated for Hajj by Saudi’s for their own convenience. This represents Saudi’s general behaviour to Islam, non- adherence to the laws of God.  Hajj is only allowed to be performed if the city is occupied by Muslims. True believers like me who follow strict guidelines of God from the Quran consider Saudi’s as disbelievers so they abstain from performing Hajj until a new government is established which either is neutral to Islam or which is consistent with the true Islam.


Cosmos & the Quran
How sweet is rest after fatigue! How sweet will heaven be when our journey is ended!

This page is an unprecedented effort to associate heavenly bodies to the fabric of the scripture. Amazing concepts like “How far is heaven from earth” are explored based on one verse of the Quran which describe how long it takes an angel to travel from heaven to earth and this figure is then used in conjunction the speed of light to find the distance.

There have been many tales conjured up by the Muslims in the past about a verse in the Quran which talks about splitting of the moon. Only today with the help of 19 have we been able to discover what it actually means. Yes you have guessed it right it was the journey by Apollo 11 in 1969 to the moon and bringing back rocks from the moon.

Some more wonderful articles are found on this page…


Man is a messenger who forgot the message.

God’s message is spread by the messengers. We have angel messengers who bring commands from God to humans like us and there are human messengers who give message from the books which were send down to the prophets from God. The latest example of this book is the Quran (The Final Testament) revealed to Prophet Muhammad over 1400 years ago.

Muhammad was also a messenger but not the last messenger. Religions get corrupted over the years where traditions, superstitions, innovations and opinions enter the arena of religion. God is aware of this fact so from time to time He sends a messenger who advocates worship of God alone and clarifies the scripture.

There have been two messengers who came after Muhammad. These are just normal human beings who are born here and live here. The only difference is that they are honest sincere people who have the ability to unravel the complexities of the religion by devoting their lives to God. Like any other human they also have jobs and families etc.

The following verse points out that Muhammad were not the final messenger;

(33:40) Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of GOD and the final prophet. GOD is fully aware of all things.


Major religions compared
Faith isn't faith until it's all you're holding on to.

This page does critical examination of 19 religions against Islam. One of the reason Islam is taken as a starting point is that Islam has the latest Scripture the Quran. This means it has the newest information and confirmation of the old which makes it a complete package.

There also is 20th article which is comparison of Islam against Islam. Here today’s corrupted Islam is compared against the un-corrupted Islam which is the work of the two messengers who came after Muhammad.

This page might interest a viewer who might belong to a particular religion and he/she might like to see his/her religion compared against Islam. Also this page might help someone who is exploring religions for him/her to follow…



Groups & Quran
“In mathematics the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.”

This is my own addition of maths to the Quran to reveal new important hidden information from it. Here I have used Cyclic Group Theorem to this effect.

This is an example of the magnificence of this remarkable book the Quran written over 1400 years ago which has this inbuilt structure which accommodate the concept of Groups. No human being could have thought of Group Theory at that time let alone put a structure in place in the book for the Group Theory to work. That proves only one point that the Quran is the word of God…


frequently asked questions
“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.”

This page has some very varied and brief explanations of religion. Because they are brief notes this helps the viewer to obtain lot of information in a very short time.

Also this page has very basic questions answered about Islam which because of the speciality of this website may not be covered elsewhere.

So for quick intro to Islam this might be a place to start…


Whats on...

As the word suggest it gives any news regarding any planned or on-going projects taking place by the web master.



We intend to put world religious occasions on this page as and when they happen. Each occasion is scrutinised to see how it represent God. As we know all religions come under one umbrella “believe in God”…

This encompass World as One ethos which is the main theme of this website…


Miracles happen when dreamers take action.
Is a source of connectivity!

This basically is a page which include important links including links which could help to research Quran…

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